Our Board of Directors

Manzar Bashir
Manzar Bashir is Founder member and director of Mobil King. He has work for the company's growth as a methodology driven organization focused on delivering engineering excellence. He is the primary contributor in the development of the Custom Software Development. He has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and panels. Manzar's current technical interests include SaaS models of solution delivery for enterprise systems. Manzar holds doctorate degree in software engineering. Manzar love books and playing cricket.


Sharaft Ali
Sharaft Ali is Founder and on of the director of Mobil King. While donning multiple hats, Sharaft loves playing a motivational role to bring out the best in the company's multifaceted workforce. His consulting interests are focused around business process management, business intelligence, and alignment of enterprise IT initiatives with corporate strategy. Before founding Mobil King, Kewan worked at Boston-based Cambridge Technology Partners where he developed applications for American Airlines Sharaft holds a Master's degree in Information Systems. Funded by the US Army's Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, his research work at MIT was focused on developing spatial analysis tools for the US Army's geographic information system.


Kamran Ramzan
Mr. Kamran is also director of Mobil King, has over 15 years of diverse experience in commercial banking, private & personal banking and leasing. He has had overseas working experience in UAE. Prior to joining Pak Oman in July 2007, Mr. Kamran has served as Country Manager- Pakistan of Oman International Bank SAOG and as Managing Director. His former employments include those of Executive Director at Pak Gulf Leasing Company Limited; Habib Credit and Exchange Bank.


Dr. Ghulam Murtaza
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza is active in all aspects of deal sourcing, due diligence and execution. Prior to joining Mobil King worked in Punjab University as Assistant professor In Computer Department. He also have Avast Experience in the field of software development.Dr. Ghulam Murtaza received his Doctorate Degree from Austria.